There is a summary of my WORKED and CONFIRMED WW SQUAREs on 2m band.

JM08 JN38 JN56 JN69 JN88 JO22 JO45 JO63 JO90 KO01
JM19 JN39 JN57 JN75 JN89 JO30 JO46 JO65 JO91
JN11 JN44 JN58 JN76 JN93 JO31 JO50 JO70 JO92
JN12 JN45 JN59 JN77 JN94 JO32 JO51 JO71 KN03
JN23 JN46 JN63 JN78 JN95 JO33 JO52 JO72 KN04
JN27 JN47 JN64 JN79 JN97 JO40 JO54 JO73 KN05
JN29 JN48 JN65 JN84 JN98 JO41 JO55 JO75 KN06
JN33 JN49 JN66 JN85 JN99 JO42 JO60 JO80 KN07
JN36 JN54 JN67 JN86 JO20 JO43 JO61 JO81 KN08
JN37 JN55 JN68 JN87 JO21 JO44 JO62 JO82 KN09


Hope to CONFIRM ALL in the near future!

OK1WCF 2002,

Thanks to Honza OK1FUL for hosting my HOMEPAGEs on